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Nashville-based singer/songwriter Ally Brown bought her first ukulele in 2011, a seemingly simple purchase that would open the next chapter of her life.  Inspired by artists such as Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor, Ally taught herself to play and write around the unique instrument.


Living in Tallahassee at the time, while going to school at FSU, she discovered The Warehouse, a local dive bar that hosted an open mic every week. The other local artists showcasing their own music inspired her to write her first original song, “Suburbia”. This creative community gave her the confidence and push to chase her musical passion.


“We would often hang out on the back porch just jamming and learning each other’s songs.”


Back porch performances at The Warehouse lead to weekly bonfire jam sessions, where she met cellist and collaborator Joshua Dent.  After she graduated, she and Dent made a decision to move to Nashville and expand their music careers.  In this lush music and art scene, she would record her first EP, Ally Brown EP


She has since formed a full band, including strings and woodwind elements to complement her lead ukulele.  The Ally Brown band combines elements of jazz and folk, creating an art folk blend with thoughtful creativity at its core. Her latest release, The Rise and Fall, brings to life dynamic songs of wonder, reflection, imagination and adventure.


Ally’s most recent projects include:


  • Artist in Residence at abrasiveMedia

  • Full Moon Pickin’ Party

  • Musician’s Corner at the Bluebird Cafe

  • 8 off 8th showcase at the High Watt

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